Understanding Digital Photography Camera Lens Maintenance

Knowing how to wash a camera lens is a top priority. Just a little bit of dust or dirt on your optics could cause all sorts of issues.

A good quality soft brush or air blower is ideal. Clean all of lens constantly, ensuring that the external moving parts are free from dust and mud, particularly sand which may cause lots of Problems and scratches.

A handy addition to your kit is a microfibre towel – essentially a super prime quality duster. It’s excellent for wiping moisture and muck off your kit and if you sling it over the top of your lens it can even keep your gear dry in light rain. Bike and car photographers regularly throw a chamois leather over camera and lens to protect them from flying mud.

When you take a lens off your camera always replace the front and rear lens caps immediately, to prevent knocks and scratches and keep dust down the optics.

It can prevent flare spoiling your pictures, but also protect the front element against impact damage. If you plan to shoot outdoors in wind and rain, get a purpose-built rain cover. be wary of rushing straight out of the cold into a warm place, as it could cause the internal lens elements to mist. Try and slowly acclimatize your kit; at the least open your camera bag, and keep it away from heat sources.

It’s best to invest in a screw-in skylight filter for every one of your lenses. They’re much cheaper to replace than a complete lens if you incidentally scratch it.

Digital Photography Cameras Online For Sale

When I first decided that I wanted to become a photographer, I knew one of the most important things was choosing the right camera. There are several thousand different cameras. You can choose from from compact, SLR, to some of the top dogs such as Hasselblad! Of course if you’re a new photographer like I was and you’re to be considered amateur, not a hobbyist then there are several different ones I think you should take a look at. First and foremost Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Olympus are four of the very top camera brands you should be looking at if you’re interested in photography. These cameras range from $100 on up to $900 depending on what brand you get. Canon and Nikon are of course two of the most popular camera brands, Fuji and Olympus come in second.

For my first camera, I decided to buy and Olympus SP-510 UZ, a lot of people said this wouldn’t be the right camera for me simply because it was really jumping into the deep end without a life preserver! But I considered my options and figured this was the best camera for me at the time. I considered getting a Canon or Nikon, but wasn’t ready to spend $600 or more for my first camera, heck i wasn’t even sure I would be good at it! Obviously to my surprise, I actually was good at it and I’m hoping to buy a better one soon!

As said above, if you’re interested in photography as a hobby, you probably wouldn’t mind buying a compact camera for a few hundred dollars. These cameras are still great cameras but they lack quality in resolution, they also have less options, which might be good for beginner. However, if you’re looking to find a more professional camera it’s a good idea to look for SLR type cameras. Listed below are some of the best cameras, you can buy online:

Pentax K 20 D
Price $1100
Resolution 4672 x 3104.
Pixels 14.6 million.

Olympus E-520.
Price $600.
Resolution 3648 x 2736.
Pixels 10.0 million

Nikon D60.
Price $600.
Resolution 3872 x 2592.
Pixels 10.2 million.

Canon EOS 450D
Price $800
Resolution 4272 x 2848.
Pixels 12.2 million.

Now these are considered medium format cameras, but there are also large format cameras such as Hasselblad, Canon and Nikon. The prices on these can range from $2500 on up to $20,000. In my opinion these large format cameras are for professionals only, unless of course you have $20,000 to throw around!

If you’re searching for cameras online have them be compact, or more professional you can search for topics relevant to digital cameras, digital photography, or buying cameras online. Good luck in your search!